Sharing ideas, shaping the future

Voice out your ideas shape the future!

Join the vibrant online community where citizens' ideas take flight and shape the future of our nation! Step into a world where your voice matters, where the government eagerly awaits your brilliant suggestions.

How it works

Suggestion Center promotes transparency and accountability in the decision-making process by implementing a structured and visible workflow for reviewing, evaluating, and responding to citizen suggestions. Read the brief overview of how the process work.


We provide more than just government interactions, find out how SuggestionCenter can help you.

Suggestion Platform

Suggestion Center offers an interactive and user-friendly platform where citizens can share their valuable suggestions to enhance various aspects of the country. Users can submit ideas across a wide range of topics, including infrastructure, education, healthcare, governance, environmental conservation, and more for free!

Community Engagement

The app promotes active community engagement by allowing users to discuss and vote on the submitted suggestions. This voting system enables the community to prioritize the most impactful ideas, increasing the likelihood of their implementation. Suggestion Center also features comment sections to encourage healthy discussions and the exchange of viewpoints, to promote a sense of inclusivity and collaboration.

Advertising Platform

In addition to our core suggestion platform, Suggestion Center offers a unique advertising feature, enabling users to showcase their products, services, or content to a broad user base for low monthly fees. Businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators can use the app's advertising section to reach a targeted audience and promote their offerings effectively. To find out more about how you too can advertise your product/service ,click below.

The app

SuggestionCenter is a web application dedicated to fostering meaningful interaction between the government and its citizens. Our platform serves as a collaborative space where citizens can contribute their innovative ideas and suggestions, helping shape how the government interacts with its people in the most beneficial way for the country.

The services

Suggestion Center is the go-to app for South African citizens passionate about driving positive change in their country while also providing a powerful platform for businesses and content creators to showcase their offerings. By promoting suggestion sharing, the app fosters collaboration and contributes to the growth and development of South Africa as a whole.


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